Health and Fitness Dust Collectors

I think we’ve all spent money on health & fitness gear – clothes, equipment, tools, what have you – that we never use. Maybe we used them once or twice when they were still novel, but then they were relegated to a corner, closet or cupboard somewhere never to be used again. I wanted to share a few of my health and fitness purchases that are currently doubling as dust collectors, and I invite you to share yours, too!

Stability Ball

Sure, if I had a home gym, a stability ball would be a useful addition to the setup. In my 500 sq foot apartment, though…not so much. I had one of these bad boys taking up precious square footage for about a year and then deflated that sucker and put it in storage. Sorry, stability ball.

All DVDs

Alright, let’s say that my gym membership was taken away and I had to make do with only fitness DVDs; I’m sure I’d survive, but I would pout the whole time. I have seen others have incredibly results with JIllian Michaels’ DVDs and the Beachbody programs, and I’m sure that Eoin Finn is an incredible yogi, but I just can’t engage!! I want to have the option to work out at home and see results, but I turn into a floppy ball of lazy when it’s time to push play. Also, rolling around on my floor makes me notice the dust under my coffee table, which merits immediate sweeping/dust-busting, in my mind.

Lululemon Gym Bag

Photo source

In the fitness world, people seem to think the sun sets and rises with Lululemon gear. When I was a student with no disposable income, every girl I saw at the university gym had one of these gym bags and many had several and used them interchangeable. One Christmas, I decided to buy myself one of the Rollercoaster bags and – after watching them arrive and sell out allegedly never to return – I was finally graced with the privilege of handing over almost $100 for one identical to the bag pictured above. I loved it and promptly stuffed it full of my gym shoes, food for work, reading material and a change of clothes…and realized that it is pretty much the worst ergonomic design for a gym bag ever. When full, this bag does not fit under the armpit of any human I know. Oh, and the zipper on the magazine compartment broke after about a month. Gym bag fail.


If this looks like a miniature trampoline, it’s because it is. What was I even thinking? I don’t have room for a stability ball, but I have room for a mini trampoline? Not so much. I bounced on this for a couple of mornings, realized I felt like a complete idiot, and put it in storage. Womp womp.

Have you bought anything fitness related that is tucked ‘safely’ away somewhere never to be seen again?

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