Ad Lib: Post Vacation ______

I’ve got a case of the post-vacation somethings. I say ‘somethings’ because I’m not really sure what ‘they’ are. I can say that I’m not shocked, since I started to feel a bit off before my vacation was even over. Am I making you want to take a vacation with me yet? Yeah, I thought so.

Oddly, I’m usually one of those people who is ready to go home when my vacation is over.  Maybe this is because I usually don’t take vacations with my significant other; in the past couple of years I’ve gone to Florida, Chicago, and Las Vegas but none of those trips were with Matt. And on those vacations, I slept on a futon, in a hostel, and in a room with 7 other girls, respectively. April’s trip to Florida was pretty much my first vacation with a significant other and where I slept in an actual bedroom in an actual hotel (well, resort)…without 6 other people. All of my vacations have been a blast, but I think it goes without saying that this one was particularly awesome.

I won’t do one of those boring 4 piece vacation recap posts that I always skim over on other blogs, but I will say that my vacation has given me lots of stuff to think about. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Maritimes (yes, I know that Newfoundland isn’t technically one of the Maritimes) but I always feel happier when I’m near the water and I’m a totally different person when I’m in a sunny climate. So if anyone out there living in Florida wants to sponsor a feisty Canadian, I’d love to make myself a permanent fixture there ;)

Note: Biceps are smaller than they appear in Dr. Seuss land.

I’ll be back in a few days with an update on marathon training. Hope you had a great weekend!

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