About Me

My name is Kristine, and I’m 26 years old. I am quite proudly from the east coast of Canada, though I moved to Ontario for university 8 years ago, stuck around to get a Master’s degree and, well – here I am. You might say that the lure of steady employment in an area somewhat related to my education was cast into my pond and I took the bait (or, you might not, if you aren’t a major dork like me). Either way, I work in a cubicle-y health related job and get to learn about some cool stuff, although most of the time I’d rather be eating or running, or running and eating.

Until last year, I had been overweight most of my life. I would say “all of my life,” but there’s that period when you’re a kid where everyone’s kind of fat and, in retrospect, you can’t remember if you were chubbier than the other kids or not. In any case, I was a little overweight for most of my childhood and very overweight throughout my teens. From about age 16 to age 23, I fluctuated between 175 and 240lbs (at 5’7ish). What’s more, somewhere in there I dropped from 185 to 140lbs and then, within a year, hit my maximum of 240ish lbs.

Even as a child I loved food. Still love a good ketchup mustache.

In April 2008, I joined Weight Watchers at a starting weight of 215 lbs (having lost 25 on my own through exercise and calorie counting), and in January 2010 I hit my Lifetime goal of 148lbs. Since then I have dipped down to 140 lbs.

I can’t say it was easy to lose the weight with Weight Watchers – hence it taking me almost 1.5 years to lose 67lbs – but I did it, and now I’m on a journey to learn how to eat like a “normal” person, run a marathon (I did this on October 14, 2012), and become a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

If there’s anything you need to know about weight loss, it’s that it’s all about finding what works for you, as an individual. What you read in health and fitness books, or what professionals say, might be empirically sound and might work for many people, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. What’s more, what worked once for you might not work the next time around. Weight loss and maintenance is a personalized puzzle and I’m here to solve mine, and to help you solve yours.