From my shower to yours: a tip

Just a quickie for you today.

I’m terrible – I mean AWFUL – at moisturizing my body. I take good care of my face but I can never be bothered to put on body lotion…especially not in the summer when it’s steamy outside.

I’ve also been doing more research on the products I’ve been putting on my skin lately, since what’s put on the skin is absorbed into our bodies and bloodstream. I’ve switched over to natural mineral sunscreen (love my Coola!) and started using an oil-based skin care regimen (I use olive oil and castor oil to wash, and avocado, tamanu and grapeseed oils to moisturize) and have been shocked by how well my skin has reacted. The last on my list was body moisturizer.

I shopped around some natural food stores, and hit up our newest local eco store, Terra20, to see what was out there. The thought of spending $15+ on a natural body lotion didn’t sit well with me, so I hit google for other options. There, I stumbled upon lots of rave reviews of coconut oil and other body oils, so I decided that after my next shower I’d slather myself in coconut oil – I mean I keep the stuff around anyway, might as well use it! The plus is that I smelled delightful; the con is that I could have competed in a luge competition…sans sled.

One day, I ran out of shaving lotion and, in a pinch, decided to use an avocado oil I’d bought for salad dressings. My legs had never felt softer! The next time I showered, I decided to moisturize my whole body in the shower with the avocado oil and give a quick rinse before getting out. The result is seriously amazing – my skin is SO soft and well-moisturized! You can use any oil you want, but I’m loving my $8.99 President’s Choice Black Label Avocado Oil – and it’s got one ingredient: extra virgin avocado oil. In case you’re curious, avocado oil has the following benefits for the skin (from this website):

  • Strong UV absorption properties
  • Regenerates connective skin tissue and inhibits bacteria growth
  • Nourishes and repairs dehydrated, scarred or mature skin
  • Stimulates collagen metabolism to retard visible signs of aging
  • Accelerates the healing process to wounds and skin burns
  • High levels of fatty acids to keep skin moisturized

9 thoughts on “From my shower to yours: a tip

  1. I tried washing my face with a mixture of castor and olive oil and I totally broke out and my skin was horrible! I loved the idea, I love how my skin felt while I was doing it, but the after effects were terrible. Thanks for the tip on the avocado oil though, will have to add it to my list. In terms of soap – what do you use? I had recently switched to Dr. Bronner’s and I quite like it!

    • I think it’s really important to get the right ratio of olive oil to castor oil. I use about 3:1 EVOO:castor. Before this though, I was using Dr. Bronner’s too! I preferred the unscented one and always made sure to dilute it well.

      The avocado oil is great, and even if it doesn’t work for moisturizing, it’s great on salads ;)

    • Oh and for washing in the shower, I just use whatever body wash I happen to have. I don’t get acne on my chest or back so I’m lucky that way :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, D. Question: does using the oil while you’ve still got the shower running make your tub floor slick? My husband has balance issues (he’s missing his middle/inner ear), so I wouldn’t want to do anything to create added slipperiness for him in the shower.

  3. What an excellent way to use avocado! I can’t stand the taste or texture, but I’m sure I could handle this! Tho one of the issues I have with oils is I’d rather use them after a bubble bath, in the morning I don’t have time for it to properly absorb and that’s just a great way to ruin your clothes. Awesome post.

    • Dude! I love putting oils in my bath too. If you use the oil sparingly it absorbs super fast and it hasn’t ruined any of my clothes yet. One tip is to put it in a spray bottle (like the travel bottles you can get from the dollar store).

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