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I couldn’t figure out quite how to start this post. Part of me wanted to proclaim that I’ve been busy and had a lot on the go, but the other part of me was like “Hold the phone – you’ve had a lot going on in your BRAIN not your life.” But it’s not even that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking; it just seems like things got pretty crappy about a month ago and I’ve been trying to find my way to the surface.

I’m going to ease back into this blogging thing with a mini update on the things that have been keeping me busy:

Marathon Training
My longest run to date has been 17 miles, and I have 18 miles on the agenda for this coming weekend. My Monday runs have ranged from 6-10 miles and then on Thursdays, I usually only run 5 or 6 miles.As I’d expected, toward the end of my long runs, my legs are pretty much just flopping around beneath me as I propel myself on thoughts of sour patch kids and all-you-can-eat sushi.

Overall though, I’d say marathon training so far has been a victory. When I was training for my half-marathon last summer, I would do my long runs on Saturdays; on Mondays, when I set out for my next run, my lower legs would be so sore from Saturday’s run that I would have to stop halfway through and turn back. This time, I seem to have found a system that works like a charm at keeping me pain and injury free. I’m planning a post on my marathon training tips/tricks in the next couple weeks.
Career Stuff

I wrote my last real estate exam  on Saturday morning. If I pass this exam, I can officially sell real estate in Ontario (once I’ve registered with the board[s] and gotten my insurance). I’m not really sure what I want to “do” with real estate yet, but there are aspects of it that get me really excited.I’ve lived in Ottawa for almost 10 years and have had 7 apartments during that time. I’ve come to realize how essential home space is to a person’s well-being (more on this to follow) and the thought of helping people find a home – whether they’re single first-time home-buyers, or families looking to upgrade – is something I think I’d be good at, and that I could truly enjoy. So we’ll see how this evolves.

On top of that, I’m planning on registering for my personal training certificate in the nextfew weeks. Again, not so sure where that will lead but I know it’s a passion of mine.
Health Stuff

If you’ve visited my Goals page, you’ll know that one of my goals for this year is to each my goal weight of 135 lbs. Six months ago, I embarked on a mission to repair my metabolism, which I believe had slowed due to many years of weight loss/dieting. In April, I got on the scale and it said 169.8lbs. I cried…a lot. I’m happy to say that as of yesterday morning I was 151lbs, and I’m on a mission to be in the mid 140s by the time I go to New York City (August 24). Ultimately I’d just like to lose as much weight as possible before my marathon, because nothing makes you aware of every ounce of weight you’re carrying on your body like running for 4 hours. My knees will thank me if I’m able to shed a few before the “big” day.

If anyone’s interested in the health supplements (nothing crazy, I promise) I’ve been using since April to help me lose weight, I’d be happy to share.

Now on to the bad health stuff: I haven’t been sleeping well at all. A year ago I struggled with your more ‘traditional’ run-of-the-mill insomnia, where I couldn’t fall asleep at night. My doctor ended up putting me on an anti-anxiety medication for 6 months to try and break the cycle, and it worked – throughout the winter I was able to fall asleep OK and I would sleep through the night.

And then about 6 weeks ago, I had a few nights where I woke up in the middle of the night (anywhere from 1:30 to 4:00am) and I was unable to fall back asleep. I tried everything to remedy this, including herbal supplements, holistic treatments, and prescription drugs. I’m planning a post going a little in depth on this, too, but I kind of want to resolve it first so that I can actually offer some words of wisdom.

So that’s what’s what around here. Nothing terribly exciting, but I’m tired just the same. How’ve you guys been?

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2 thoughts on “What’s what

  1. I for one, would love to hear about the supplements you’ve been taking. I’ve lost 20ish pounds since JANUARY (I have about 40 more to go) and despite eating well, exercising, the scale refuses to budge, so I’m open to anything!

    Good luck with your sleeping problems, normally the rest of my life goes to poop when I’m not able to get a good night sleep.

    Congrats on your marathon training, 18 miles is just… wow. And that’s just for training. Keep it up, you are doing awesome!

    • 20lbs since January is awesome! I understand the plateau frustration though. I’ll definitely add a supplement post to the roster :)

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