Happy Saturday! I think Friday is my favourite day of the week, but it’s mostly because it’s Saturday-eve. I’m all about the anticipation, and growing up I always loved Thursday nights because my favourite shows were on and it felt like a great preemptor to Friday…which is a great preemtor to Saturday. Mind blowing, no?

Despite all of the Halloween activities on the go, I’m taking it easy this weekend. I had a very busy week at work and have been feeling a bit off lately, so a weekend of doing nothing is just what the doctor ordered. Last night I hit Costco and ran some errands (including buying 2.5 feet of PVC tubing from Home Depot to use as a foam roller sans foam).  This morning I went for a 4 mile run and since then I’ve just been bumming around watching TV. I usually throw a tantrum when I feel like I’m “wasting” a weekend but I’m trying to simmer down (SNL anyone?) on that.

This week I have plans to update my workout playlist, since I’ve stumbled upon some gems lately. I thought I’d let my mushy brain seep onto my blog and that I would excuse myself by sharing some outfits I’m loving (thanks to Pinterest!)


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2 thoughts on “Satur-D.

    • I got a cute Tommy Hilfiger pair last year at Winners…probably worth looking there. I, on the other hand, have been on a quest to find tan riding boots that will fit my monster calves. It’s proving to be very difficult, but I seem to be collecting a lot of boots in the process.

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