These are a few of my favourite things: the Food edition.

I’ve been a bit stumped lately as to what I should write about here. I came up with a few topics that I’ve decided to put on the back burner in honour of a “favourite things for summer” post. I love things and I love summer so why the heck not? I thought I would break these posts into categories: food, makeup/skin-care, exercise, and music. Naturally, I am going to start with food :)

1. David’s Tea

I’m not much of a tea drinker, despite growing up on the East Coast where tea is a staple in pretty much every household. I enjoy a cup of Orange Pekoe every now and again but for some reason I can’t seem to embrace green tea, even though I know how good it is for me.  I am, however, a sucker for anything lime flavoured, so when I saw that David’s Tea makes a green tea flavoured with lime, I was all over it (actually, I thought “I wonder if lime will help mask the repulsive grassiness of green tea.”) From their website:

This feisty gunpowder green tea is blended with lime peel, apples, pineapple and natural fruit essence. It’s delicious hot or cold, and even more delicious as a martini. To impress your date, add four teaspoons of Lime Bang leaves to two cups of gin and let it infuse for two hours. Then shake with ice and serve. Stir in a little agave sugar if you want a smoother bang. Garnish with mint or lime peel.

I have become obsessed with drinking this tea iced. I add a little bit of stevia and it’s delicious and I find that the lime flavour really helps to cut the “greenness” of the green tea (a positive for me).

2. Jawbreakers

I wasn’t going to include jawbreakers because they’re a) not super for you (or your teeth) and b) are definitely not exclusive to summer – but I love them and eat them multiple times a week and I just love walking around with a giant jawbreaker stuffed in my cheek (that’s what she said). But for real, I love them.


3. Ikea Frozen Yogurt


I can’t articulate how much I love Ikea Frozen Yogurt. It is delicious – slightly tangy and yet sweet and vanilla-y. Oh and it costs $0.75. Even better than Ikea Fro Yo is scooping it off the cone using these:

4. Watermelon

‘Nuff said.

4. Plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a fairly new “phenomenon” here in Canada. Last year I visited my parents in Florida and I was so overwhelmed by the selection of Greek yogurts at the grocery store that I almost hyperventilated. After trying literally every kind I could get my hands on, I returned to my homeland suffering serious withdrawal from the pineapple and raspberry flavoured Chobani yogurts. I’ve since managed to find Chobani yogurts in the kosher section of my local Superstore, but they are expensive (try $2.50 for a little container) and don’t carry the newer flavours, like lemon (which I am DYING to taste).

I’m also a  big fan of the Liberte 0% plain Greek yogurt. I actually prefer it to the plain Chobani and I definitely prefer it to the President’s Choice 0% fat Greek yogurt that has since hit the shelves, which is a bit strange since I usually love anything President’s Choice. I just did a little digging and see that they’ve reduced the sodium since I last tried it, though, so I think I will give it another go.

As for the more important details about Greek yogurt, like how I eat it – I like it with a tbsp of natural peanut butter and a Deep Chocolate Vitatop mashed into it. I’ve also been known to add 1/3 scoop of whey protein (yogurt + whey protein powder = ~ 30g of protein = win! …pardon my math). Try it!

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